Stanford remains steadfastly committed to its endeavor to lead by example in sustainability, and continues to reduce its environmental footprint while engaging the campus community to save resources and contribute to our imperative to address climate change. Below are the infographics I designed and illustrative for the 2017 and 2018 Year in Review.

2017 year in review

The Openbox9 team and I worked with Stanford to create an interactive scrolling page for the 2017 Year In Review. The website has 9 different sections, each highlighting a different area of sustainability improvement within the campus. I designed all the infographics on the webpage.

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2018 year in review

I worked with the Stanford team to create the living, food and transportation infographics for the 2018 year. The illustrative style differed a bit from last year. We put an emphasis on Stanford buildings, used limited colors, subtle opacities and increased the use of animation.

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