As America's largest conservation organization, National Wildlife Federation works with more than 6 million members, partners, and supporters in communities from coast-to-coast to actively educate, develop resources, and promote achievable solutions. The National Wildlife Federation was a huge client of mine from 2016-2018 with projects varying from business cards and web advertisements to bandana and fan designs.

company branding

The branding of the National Wildlife Federation reflects nature. Whether you're looking at the hues of green, horizontal curves, or vibrant wildlife photography, you are constantly reminded of the outdoors. My years working with NWF have included many efforts to push and enhance their brand along many different programs and locations in the country.

america's wild outdoors

One of the main projects was America's Wild Outdoors, an event that highlights the collaborative conservation work of the National Wildlife Federation to increase wildlife populations, protect America's landscapes and educate future generations of conservationists. Design pieces include formal invites, program booklets, sponsor forms, event signs menus and more.

monarch highway

Monarch Highway (Interstate-35) runs along the central flyway of the monarch migration in the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. This project aims to promote awareness of pollinators and assist state efforts to enhance vegetation practices. I'm very honored to have designed this highway sign which can be seen today.